Jet Technologies launches Unilam for digital print

Jet Technologies is launching Unilam Gloss and Matte Thermal Laminating Films, which the company says uses new adhesive technology from Japan to provide a bond to suit virtually any kind of digital printing, as well as litho print.

Developed in Japan, Unilam uses adhesive technology that cross-links at lower temperatures than regular thermal films, ensuring a strong bond to virtually all digital print engines. The company says that over the years, as digital print engines have developed, there has been “a growing need for a range of films that are bullet-proof” and can “handle all of the new inks and systems”.

Tested extensively and approved by leading digital print manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, the laminating films are for use in both digital and mixed environments, including for prints that need to be highly embellished, and those that require a high level of bond and security, such as perfect bound books, or high-value print, where the bond has to be perfect.

“The Unilam films are one of the most versatile films to hit our product range, with a near-universal compatibility to both digital and offset ink systems,” said Luke Welsh, product manager for Films at Jet Technologies.

“Our clients are loving the security and certainty of being able to laminate whatever print they produce, without worrying about film lifting over a solid black digital print or other complicated applications. The new adhesive is also smooth, meaning that the gloss is even glossier than usual, and the matt is silky smooth; We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Unilam comes in various widths in 2000m lengths, as well as 318mm widths in shorter 333m lengths – for table-top laminators.