Jet Technologies introduces new antimicrobial protective films to the Australian printing and label industry

Australian printing and packaging specialist Jet Technologies has unveiled a new antimicrobial protective film, SteriLam, for use in medical, food and water applications.

SteriLam films are safe and contain an invisible and odourless ingredient – Biomaster – which is based on Silver-ion technology and inhibits the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%. The films destroy bacteria, fungi, and moulds including antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

SteriLam films remain effective for a period of ten years or longer, regardless of how many people come into contact with the product, as they are durable and don’t wear off or leach out.

“Now more than ever before, the cleanliness of products, equipment and the things we commonly come into contact with at work and at home is at the forefront of peoples’ minds,” said Jack Malki, Director, Jet Technologies. “SteriLam films can be used in a wide range of applications, with greatest benefit in areas where people may be more susceptible to bacteria – such as hospitals, medical facilities, aged care facilities – as well as high traffic locations such as schools, supermarkets, public transport and government services locations.”

Examples of products the films can be applied to include pharmaceutical and supplement packaging, any medical-related products and communications, products aimed at people with weakened immune systems or aged care, outer packaging for supermarket food and beverage products, school and university materials, printed products including books, point of sale and other graphic arts applications, labels, printed items displayed in public transport and restaurant menus.

While SteriLam is not suitable for direct food contact, but it can be used in indirect food contact applications, making it suitable for outer layers of food and pharmaceutical packaging.

The Biomaster ingredient used in SteriLam is tested to ISO standards and ongoing quality control tests and environmental trials are undertaken. It is also compatible with a product’s usual recyclability.