Goglio Italy – Grounding themselves heavily in the Australian market

Q&A with Federico De Paoli – Machinery Division – Goglio Italy

With Federico from Goglio’s machine division in Australia from Italy we thought we would take this opportunity to ask his opinion on the Australian market, the larger trends at play and the importance of coffee packaging.

Tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Federico and I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade. I moved from Italy to the USA for my masters in mechanical engineering. I am now based in Italy and the primary Project Manager for Goglio across Asia Pacific, Northern Europe and South America, as well as specifically managing the spike in coffee growth in Brazil. Coffee is our life!

What was your goal for visiting Australia?
My main goal was to meet our key customers across the east coast of Australia. I really wanted a deeper understanding about the Australian market, its intricacies and to continue to grow the relationship with our local partner Jet Technologies.

What have been your key learnings so far?
It has been really interesting meeting these global roasting players locally in Australia. Although they are the same global company operating in different countries (America, Europe, USA etc), the operations are very different; how they run their production facilities and their passion towards coffee.

For example in Brazil their consumption is quite different, to the consumer a pre-ground vacuum pack means a higher quality bean. Coffee consumption occurs mainly at home and it is an overall faster experience. In Australia they treat coffee more like my home country Italy, where coffee is a social event occurring more often in restaurants and cafés. This then affects the way the coffee bean needs to be processed and packed. Packing whole bean coffee is much more popular here, with soft flexible packaging to host the beans.

We find this packing method reduces the oxidisation process straight after roasting and sits nicely on the shelves. These social complexities change how coffee needs to be packed, displayed and delivered from the coffee roaster to the customer.

Jet Technologies, acting as our local partner really gives us a hands-on approach and local expertise to ensure that we educate the market on best practice in handling your roasting and packaging operations.

What are some of the challenges in the industry Goglio are trying to solve?
There are still many challenges in the roasting industry, Goglio and Jet Technologies actively work with roasters across Australia and New Zealand to maximise the quality of the bean through the packaging process.

Goglio is seen as the leader in coffee packaging. You can find our machines in some of the largest coffee roasters across Australia and New Zealand.

Over the past 30 years, 95% of our machinery has been deployed in the coffee roasting industry (we love coffee). Goglio and Jet Technologies always sit face to face with every roaster to better understand their operations, and customise every machine we make to the needs of that specific implementation.

So what’s next for you and Goglio?
Well now I have been appointed to the ANZ market I plan to visit multiple times per year to better support Jet Technologies and the various Goglio implementations across Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully I can meet a Koala next time.