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Amaze your customers with faster printing and turnaround times with flexo and rotary screen solutions for label printing from Jet Technologies.

Product Range

RotaPlate® screen mesh

This is supplied in roll or flat sheet of screen material cut to a specific size, and then formed into a cylinder, this is the perfectly fitting mesh for all rotary screen printing presses.
RotaPlate® is an excellent alternative for users of woven screen material. It’s strong, stable and offers a long working life. Our screen material features a hexagonal structure that is made out of 100% nickel. So you get more printed metres out of your mesh. These screens are available in a wide range of mesh to meet all application requirements.

RotaMesh® screen mesh

A pre formed rotary screen which can be used several times over, either using the same image or by applying a new image, this screen material has high stability and is long-lasting. With a life-span approaching 500,000 linear metres of printed substrate this translates to fewer changeovers and increased press uptime.


A range of squeegee blades for rotary screen printing units.

Cleaning Solution

The multi-screen cleaner is a high-efficiency washing unit that enables rapid and uniform washing of both RotaMesh® and RotaPlate® screens.

Laser point film

A film which is exposed on conventional computer to plate system and does not require any chemical after exposure for developing.


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