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The Bookbinding Industry

Bookbinding is a specialised trade that requires the right technologies and supplies for a modern, unique and visually appealing final product.

Product Range

Laminating Film

Jet Technologies supplies a range of specialty laminating films and grades that are optimal for book binders, commercial and promotional material to provide options for specialty finishes to their front & back covers including gloss, matte, soft touch and anti-scuff films.
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Wet Lamination Adhesives

Jet Technologies has a newly acquired wet lamination book binding adhesive range. Our adhesives have a good initiate bonding strength and a perfect subsequent finishing in wet lamination process. Jet Technologies adhesives assist wet lamination operations through latest formulation adhesives.
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Hot Melt Adhesives

Specific hot melt adhesive for hard cover and soft cover bookbinding applications. Our adhesives have some great results for perfect binding solutions.
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