Australia’s Future of Flexible Packaging for Coffee

Coffee Packaging Compared: Whitepaper 2019-05-08_9-40-59

Within a highly competitive market, the question is, how are coffee manufacturers in Australia able to ensure they meet the current consumer demand for both premium and sustainable coffee? We are asked about this often due to it being a topic on the minds of all coffee manufacturers working in the Australian market.


In this whitepaper:

  • How coffee manufacturers ensure the premium quality of coffee products from roasting right through to the end of shelf life with quality packaging options.
  • The reasons behind the drive for increased sustainability and what this means for the market.
  • Compare the packaging options that are currently available.
  • How you can ensure your product labelling is accurate and clear.
  • How meeting consumer preferences for both premium quality and sustainability is quite the balancing act, but can’t be ignored in an increasingly competitive market.


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